ZT2021-8D 5/16 inch Air Hydraulic Riveter (Digital Reporting)

ZT2021-8D 5/16 inch Air Hydraulic Riveter (Digital Reporting)


  • Features with the most advanced patented digital module to enable operators know the rivet tool setting capacity instantly under various air supply condition and the rivet setting cycles performed during their working period.
  • It will also remind operators when to do service or maintenance to the tool in proper interval.
  • It will help to cease the controversy about warranty issue especially if the tool has been misused or abused with abnormal high air pressure which exceeds the design specification.
  • Built with patented module units assembled in composite clam shell housing for the ease of tool service.
  • Patented broken mandrel vacuum collection system for the cleanliness and safety of work area.
  • Forged and heat treated aluminum alloy made hydraulic section for the best rigidity.
  • Easy adjustable head & nut designed for obtaining the most effective stroke.
  • Ergonomic texture coated composite housing for operator's comfort.
  • Swivel air inlet design for maneuverability works.


  • Traction Power : 4400 lbf (2000 kgf)
  • Stroke Length : 21 mm
  • Net Weight : 5.6 lbs (2.5 kgs)
  • Operating Air Pressure : 90 PSI (6.2 bar)
  • Air inlet Size : 1/4 Inch-NPT/PT
  • Min. Hose Size : 3/8 Inch (10 mm) 
  • Nosepieces Equipped : 5/16 Inch (7.8 mm)

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