Zipp Air Tool company started as an idea between two friends and business partners; Mr. George Chu and Mr. Ted C. Klaassen in 1989. Both men had their own successful niche companies in industrial and construction air tools respectively and decided to come together to form the Zipp brand of air tools.  Mr. Klaassen, a Dutch national and Mr. Chu, a native of Taiwan decided to create a platform for the development and distribution of new and innovative air tool designs.

George and his brother Eric Chu who had studied industrial production engineering at the University of Cincinnati, were always at the forefront of creative air tool design using the latest materials such as thermoplastics and lightweight alloys. Mr. Klaassen exposed the Chu brothers to the possibility of entering both the American and European markets with the then newly founded Zipp Air Tool Company. The main goal of the founders of Zipp Air Tool Co. was to supply a professional, robust yet affordable tool line for repair shops and light manufacturing. Both men had a vision of creating a company that emphasized family business values and we stand behind those very values today.

Zipp Air Tool Co. has since expanded into the “ZIPP Group” a partnership of Zipp Airtool Asia and Zipp Airtool USA which encompasses other new and technologically advanced pneumatic applications such as torque control, gear reduction, and workplace ergonomics.

Second and third generations of our families are still very much involved with Zipp and Zipp is still a family run business;  Zipp Air Tool USA is based in Kent, Ohio. We are happy to offer the new expanded Zipp line of air tools to our industry and to offer domestic service and support for all of our new and existing customers.  We stock a large number of service parts and have many experienced service technicians available to help you service your tools or answer any technical questions you may have.

Ted Klaassen


Derrick Chu