Pneudraulic Intensifiers


            • The ZIPP Pneudraulic Intensifier is designed to operate ZIPP Rivet C-Squeezers, such as the Model Z6000C (6K force) and Model Z9000C (9K force), as well as the Model Z5000A, Z7000A, and Z9000A Alligator Squeezers. It can also operate other devices requiring a small volumetric output of high pressure fluid. The unit is a “one shot” intensifier, meaning it will fully displace the hydraulic fluid with one stroke of the air piston in the cylinder. These types of intensifiers tend to be faster than pumping type air operated intensifiers of similar size. These models also allows for “feathering” of the riveter (subtle positioning of the squeezer rivet set), when controlled by a foot operated valve.
            • Optional electrical module. upgrade are available upon request.
            • Portable intensifier instead of high cost hydraulic power unit.
            • Low operating hydraulic pressure design for more durable hydraulic sealing mechanism.
            • Custom design are welcome.
            • Before using these Intensifier, please fully read and understand this operation manual.