ZS350D Industrial Air Saw

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The most powerful Industrial Air Saw for clean, burr-free cuts with standard hacksaw blades in serving a wide range of industries and emergency services where reliability and durability are really matter such as Petrochemicals, Oil Rigs, Power Stations, Public Transport Facilities, Coal Mines, Fire Brigades, Airways & Airport Facilities, Railway, Garages, Car Manufacturers, Commercial Vehicle Builders, Boat Building, Reinforced Fiberglass, Shipyard use, Ministry of Defense-Army, Navy, Air Force, etc.

Capacity Features

  • Excellent sawing work of various materials, trims or shapes sheet metal, plastics, plates, fiberglass, plywood, or cut pipe, rod, bar in any place.
  • Available anywhere in ship, in oil tank, in mining tunnel, in construction site, in plant, in water, for rescue work, in car accident, etc.
  • Most versatile maintenance tool-used throughout industry.
  • Clean and burr-free cuts with standard hacksaw blades.
  • Adaptable for cutting a variety of materials with proper saw blades.
  • Ideal for sustained usage and suitable for the most awkward places.
  • Used throughout fiberglass boat building and car body repair shop industries.
  • Powerful enough to easily and quickly cut through steel-flexible enough to enough to efficiently and accurately cut in even the most awkward place.

Construction Features

  • Designed with a patented vibration reduced mechanism to ensure the lowest vibration and most operator comfort.
  • Few moving parts means breakdowns are virtually eliminated-ensuring total reliability and long trouble-free service.
  • Safety Switch-essential for when changing blades.
  • Quiet in operation-enables you to use it anywhere.
  • Electro-chemical treated bores giving long-wearing quality.
  • Slim, compact and lightweight design for easy portability.
  • Blade and work piece cooled by exhausted air and oil.
  • Special alloy steel made Nosepiece ensures the highest level of durability.
  • Automatic and visible lubrication.
  • Extremely low air consumption. Operates on normal compressed air supply.
  • Safe to use in non-flame areas.
  • 45MM stroke length and ability to accept short pieces of blades making it ideal for cutting in confined spaces and “Double skin” panels.


  • Blows Per Minute : 1200 B.P.M.
  • Stroke Length : 45 mm
  • Avg. Air Cons. : 4.6(130) cfm(l/min)
    Net Weight : 6.17(2.8) lbs(kgs)
  • Air Inlet Size : 1/4 inch-NPT/PT
  • Min. Hose Size : 3/8(10) inch(mm)
  • Vibration : 5 m/s2
  • Sound Pressure : 85 dB(A)