ZLW Square Drive Hydraulic Wrench

ZLW Square Drive Hydraulic Wrench

ZLW Series Lightweight Aluminum Square Drive Hydraulic Wrench
The ZLW square drive hydraulic wrench is the most efficient and heavily used tool in any turnaroundξtrailer. Used for disassembly and reassembly, the ZLW offers unparalleled performance and durabilityξfor getting the job completed on time and with an accurate torque control of +/-5%


Drive Sizeξ3/4"

Max Torque 1282 Ft-Lb

Dimension Aξ1.99 In

Dimension Bξ2.86 In

Dimension Cξ3.63 In

Dimension Dξ3.81 In

Dimension Eξ5.74 In

Dimension Fξ1.03 In

Dimension Gξ3.37 In

Dimension Hξ6.89 In

Weight With Reaction BarŒæ¥éË5.5 Lb