ZDG-301 Air Die Grinder

ZDG-301 Air Die Grinder

ZDG-301 Air Die Grinder

Super Power Air Tools

  • 0.9HP and 1HP air grinders come with 1/4Ì_Ì__( 6mm)?ÕÌ_or 3/8Ì_Ì__ (8mm) double angle collets for industrial?ÕÌ_application.


  • The ZDG-301 Die Grinder is suitable for many automotive and?ÕÌ_industrial high speed grinding applications. The grinder can be?ÕÌ_used to clean dies, rotors, backing plates and brake pad?ÕÌ_mounts.
  • Grind valve seats, dress welds and enlarge holes.
  • Can use with 1/4Ì_Ì__(6mm) or 1/8Ì_Ì__(3mm) grinding accessories.



  • Grinding Wheel : 1/4(6) inch(mm)
  • Net Weight : 1.4(0.5) lbs(kgs)
  • Length: 7(180) in.(mm)
  • Free Speed : 23000?ÕÌ_RPM
  • Air Inlet Size : 1/4 inch-NPT/PT
  • Min. Hose Size : 3/8(10) inch(mm)
  • Avg. Air Cons. : 4.1 cfm