ZBB10SA Shock Reduced Bucking Bars

ZBB10SA Shock Reduced Bucking Bars

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An efficient riveting system consists of shock
reduced bucking bar with shock reduced riveting

  • Self-adjustable äóñ SA models feature a selfadjustingŒæshock reducing system withŒæcompressed air supply. SP models use a springŒæas shock reducing element and consequently doŒænot require the air supply.
  • Flexible äóñ The bucking bars can fitted with servalŒædifferent interchangeable dolly configurations viaŒæa quick change retainer for maximum flexibility.



  • Net Weight: 2.9(1.3) lbs(kgs)
  • Diameter: 2.0(48)Œæinch(mm)
  • AirŒæConsumption:Œæ0.5(1.1)Œæl/s(cfm)