ZT2318HK -- 5,000 Lb Traction Power, Pulls both 3/16" & 1/4" Lock bolts in both C6LŒ¬ & Magna GripŒ¬. Also pulls Structural Rivets up to 1/4" (5 Nose assemblies total)

  • $ 1,603.00


  • ZT2318HKŒæ(4 Noses and Accessories Included) Plus 3/16" & 1/4" Structural Rivet nose
  • Fit with " ORIGINAL " HUCKŒ¬- C6LŒ¬ & Magna GripŒ¬ AVDELŒ¬ - AvdelokŒ¬ & MaxlokŒ¬ lock boltŒæand Magna-LokŒ¬Œæand BOMŒ¬Œænose assemblies.ŒæSPECIAL ADAPTER SOLD SEPARATELYŒæ
  • Built with patented äóìModule units assembled in composite clam shell housingäó? for the ease of toolŒæservice.
  • Swivel air inlet design for maneuverability of works.

*DO NOT apply air pressure over 110 psi / 7.5 bar to these tools.

Brand Name ZippTool USA
Max Setting Capacity 1/4äó? lock bolts
Traction Power 5,000 lbf (2,300kgf)
Net Weight 5.6 lb (2.5 kg)
Stroke Lengthξ 18mm
Nosepieces Equipped inch(mm) Kit includesξ202HM1,202HC1,201HM2ξ201HC2 & 2318RSξNose Assemblies

Zipp makes the grade.

ξThe Versatile ZT2318HK ξincluded with "FOUR" sets of Lock bolt nose assemblies, can pull 3/16" & 1/4" Lock bolts. User can change the head to install 3/16" & 1/4" blind rivets. Forged and heat treated aluminum alloy made Hydraulic assembly is packaged inside a rigid composite clamshell housing for durability and to ease the maintenance process.

C6LŒ¬ , Magna-GripŒ¬ and Magna-LokŒ¬ are registered trademarks of Alcoa Fastening Systems.
AvboltŒ¬ , MonoboltŒ¬ ,MaxlokŒ¬, AvdelokŒ¬ are registered trademarks of AVDEL UK Limited.

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[ZT2318HK Parts Schematic]