ZRN1606E (Imperial) -- 3,500 lbs Traction Power, Pneumatic/Hydraulic Rivet Nut Tool - Spin/Pull/Spin [#8-32" ~ 1/2"-13]


  • Composite Clamshell Housing.
  • Ships in molded storage case w/ kitted accessories.
  • Designed with patented Module units assembled in composite clamshell housing for easy tool service.
  • Less friction loss along the air passage to increase tool power & performance.
  • Module unit mechanism enables more common parts to be used in similar designed tools.
  • Rocker type trigger and both left or right-hand side air inlet for ease of operational control.


Brand Name ZippTool USA
Model Number ZRN1606E
Traction Power 3500lbf
Stroke Length 6mm
Net Weight 4.9 lb
Setting Capacity #8-32~1/2"-13 Rivet Nut Steel


Zipp makes the grade.

The Zipp Rivet Nut tool ZRN1606E features a SPIN-PULL-SPIN setting sequence. In one touch the fastener quickly spins on, pulls the fastener, and with the release button, spins out of the fastener. This means less thread deformation. The Zipp Rivet Nut tool has a fully adjustable stroke for accurate insert placements, which requires less operator skill. Stroke adjustment is quick and easy, and is done from the exterior of the tool. The Zipp line of Rivet Nut tools covers sizes 8-32 through 1/2-13.

Downloads and Videos

[ZRN1606E Parts Schematic]