ZIW1015C -- 820 ft-lb 1/2" Composite Twin Hammer Air Impact Wrench


  • 1/2" Composite Air Impact Wrench comes with twin hammer impact mechanism to perform best torque output, and special hardened-treatment to maintain best durability.
  • Vane with spring mounted to prevent dead-lock or power-less problem.
  • 3 different speed adjustment for forward direction, 1 full speed for reverse direction.
  • Composite handle to provide best power-to-weight ratio, and prevent uncomfortable usage during the temperature change.


Brand Name Zipp Air Tool USA
Item model number ZIW1015C
Square Drive 1/2"(12.7 mm)
Free Speed 8,500 rpm
Max. Torque (15 Sec) 820 ft-lb (1,100 NM)
Working tourque (5 Sec) 650 ft-lb (880 NM)
Avg. Air Consumption 4.9 cfm (139 l/min)
Net Weight 4.6 lbs (2.1 kgs)
Impact Mechanism Twin Hammer

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[ZIW1015C Parts Schematic]